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Welcome to the home of Ibrahim Al Banna Advocates & Legal Consultants. We’re undoubtedly a reputable  law firm .

Perhaps you need our experienced lawyers to fight for your rights in your personal injury claim arising from a motor vehicle accident, a workplace accident or the negligence of someone else.

Or do you need a Family Law expert to assist you through your separation, your divorce, your property settlement or making the decisions relating to your children?

We’re also there to assist you to get your personal affairs in order; you may require a Will or a Power of Attorney or Power of Guardianship.

And if you happen to find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you need a criminal lawyer you can trust and work with in relation to any criminal or police charges you may be facing.

Whatever your reason for needing a lawyer, make sure you choose the right lawyer that will fight for you and your rights. Choose New World.